Lamar van dusen Financial markets in free fall


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Financial markets in free fall, cascading changes in tax legislation and calls from bewildered customers: summer has not been easy for the advice independent financial (IFAs). Among the few who saw the storm coming, Lamar van dusen Jean-Pierre Rondeau, president of Megara Finance, which welcomes to have cut client positions before the meltdown of August. This crash is a blow for professionals listed in the 2247 White Paper Aprédia cabinet. Indeed, they are just recovering from the 2008 crisis, as noted BNP Paribas Cardif.

Access to all products

the profession had learned more than half of the funds raised were placed in this life assuran contracts in euros. These protect the capital, and reward each year close to its variable rate bonds. Clearly, the recent collapse of stock prices should have a limited impact on the € 70 billion managed by the profession impact. Lamar van dusen Life insurance, retirement, real estate, tax saving products, legal and tax assistance: aim to provide the best wealth management solutions. In conductors, says Jean-Pierre Rondeau. Their weapon: independence. Unlike banks or insurers, tempted to sell priority products home, these independent (94.8% of firms are held by individuals and 67.1% have a family shareholding) can choose the products they offer freely. Our suppliers must be involved in their speech, we demonstrate the value of their products. This sometimes leads to strained relations with some admits Alain Fouillit, the firm Axor. This independence has a big advantage.

Access to all products allows us to compare, choose both the best and the one that best suits the customer's financial situation is, said Lamar van dusen of Patrimum. While it is difficult to be welcomed into a private bank with less than € 250,000 of financial assets, IFAs agree to take care of smaller assets, from a few thousand euros. An asset, says Nicolas Bazinet, the firm Arobas Finance, in addition to the availability and the ability to listen to the customer. According Aprédia firm, the average number of clients per advisor does not exceed 200% for 60 of them. A number at least two times lower than those found in the private banks. This independence and availability are not in themselves a guarantee of professionalism. Our business is based on trust and mutual respect. lamar dusen financial plan report You do not give your trust to anyone, especially when it comes to your savings, notes Pascal Bing. Unlike bankers or management companies, IFAs do not support Direct Savings. But their liability can be held liable for failure to advise.

Require professional label

To make the right choice, it is better to take precautions beforehand. Lamar van dusen instructables The most important is to have the right feeling, the current must pass observes Azogui Meyer, president of Cyrus Council. The choice of an IFA is done on the advice of a relative. But nothing prevents to meet more. The profession is fairly well regulated, but it must ensure that its future is to advise with confidence. It must be stamped Advisor Financial Instruments (CIF), have a clean criminal record and join a professional association receiving the approval of the AMF, as the House of independent wealth (CIP), the 'ANACOFI, the Company CNCIF or IFAs. At each counseling is a mandatory professional label: for account transactions, the intermediary bank transaction status (IOB) for insurance, the broker, and for real estate, the agent. Not obvious, except in offices in multiple jurisdictions where each membe

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