Plant Health: Challenges and Solutions

Edited by: Professor Mahmut Tör, Assoc. Prof Kubilay Kurtuluş Baştaş

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 978-2-88945-218-7

Product Name: Frontiers Abstract Book

This workshop highlighted current developments in the field of plant protection against pests and pathogens. This included the current problems in the field, latest tools and developments in detection and diagnosis, smart biologics, emerging and re-emerging microbial pathogens and resistance breeding. The workshop aimed to bring together leading researchers, young scientists and industrialists from the plant protection sectors to exchange knowledge and share best practice in integrated pest management towards food security. Specifically, we aimed to: highlight the most recent pathogen detection and diagnostic tools; discuss the benefits of using smart biologics including beneficial microorganisms; discuss new technologies that could help to deliver faster pathogen and pest control strategies; consolidate existing and develop new connections between the plant protection research communities; enhance the application of molecular and immunochemical detection technologies within the plant health industry; explore different ways to translate laboratory-based research into application, especially in biological control and reduction of mycotoxins; increase the awareness of problems that the plant health industry faces; discuss the latest developments in the field and disseminate these cutting-edge scientific outcomes to a wider community; provide a platform for knowledge exchange between academics and industry; foster new research collaborations that are focused on delivering benefits for plant health improvement; and enable participants to develop links to assist their professional development. Presentations from experts in the field provided delegates with an understanding of the latest problems in plant health control. This provided an opportunity for delegates to identify and exploit key technologies across the plant protection industry.

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