About Frontiers Events

Frontiers Events is an extended system dedicated to the scheduling of events in all fields of academia. It supports a multitude of event types, such as conferences, workshops, lectures, meetings, schools, conventions, and many other event types, each of them associated with a rich panel of services to allow full customization. Whether you are an organizer or a participant, make your event a big success at Frontiers!

The many services proposed are the announcement and invitation to events, abstract handling, listing and search of event participants, an exhaustive calendar of related events in each field, detailed follow-up of previous events, and many other practical features! Furthermore, to make your event all-round, Frontiers Events organizes the publication of abstracts and conference proceedings in the open-access Frontiers Journal Series.

New functionalities are continuously introduced into Frontiers Events, which aims at becoming the ultimate environment for scholars to showcase their research results in connection to their events.


Free Event Creation and Announcement
All events are created and posted online free of charge in the Frontiers Events Calendar, to reach a large number of potential participants from the Frontiers communities.

  • A complete panel of event types is available such as conferences, lectures, workshops, schools, meetings, courses and many others.
  • Search within the complete calendar of events is customizable by field, specialty, date, place, name and other features.
  • The event may also be tailored to address much targeted audiences.
  • Satellite meetings can be linked to the main event, to provide an exhaustive perspective of all foreseen activities during the event.
  • Multiple possibilities to increase an event’s visibility are available.

Event Configuration and Management
Besides academic publishing, Frontiers is a pioneering platform for research networking.

  • Different groups of potential participants can be directly invited from the Frontiers Events platform in a simple and efficient environment.

  • Confirming invitees can indicate their participation as speaker, exhibitor or attendee, and will immediately be displayed in the list of participants.
  • The event post can be completed by a variety of material such as news, images, videos, podcasts, links, etc.
  • To promote research networking, events are highlighted in all related Frontiers Community pages - always maintaining the selected privacy settings.
  • Depending on your preferences, a full range of networking functionalities can be applied.
  • Frontiers aims at supporting active online communities, and even after the event, attendees can use the platform to maintain and initiate collaborations.

Abstract Handling
Abstract handling with Frontiers Events comprehends the entire process from online submission, to customizable review, open-access publication and attribution of an official citation.

  • Event participants can submit their contributions in the form of abstracts and supplementary materials including images, movies, presentations.
  • External reviewers can be invited to select suitable contributions to the event.
  • Review questionnaires can be custom-tailored to better adapt the abstract review process to the event scope.
  • The status of both the abstract review is updated in real-time, and direct communication between reviewers and participants is facilitated.
  • Automatic email confirmations keep everybody up-to-date.

Abstract Publication
Conference abstracts are published online in the appropriate open-access Frontiers Journal, adding value for authors thanks to their broad academic coverage.

  • Conference abstracts are published securely, permanently archived on Frontiers' servers, receive a DOI number, are registered with Cross Ref, and become official publications that can be cited.
  • All conference abstracts are fully and freely accessible to any reader online.

Proceedings Publication and Research Topics
The best way to provide a remarkable follow-up to an event is to publish the proceedings as a Research Topic centered on the entire event, or on a selected group of contributions.

  • Frontiers Journals can host conference proceedings, and keynote speakers may be appointed as guest editors who receive broad visibility for this challenging and influential task.
  • Articles published in a Frontiers Research Topic receive a large discount on article processing fees.
  • Just like all other publications in the Frontiers Journal Series, proceedings are immediately and permanently accessible for free to any reader.


  • The Frontiers Events platform offers the world’s most comprehensive aggregator of academic and research-related events.
  • Hundreds of upcoming events are regularly added, covering an increasing number of fields.
  • Abstracts and conference proceedings gain high visibility, because the open access policy applies to all Frontiers publications.
  • The platform of Frontiers Events is intuitive and resourceful, making events configuration and abstract handling really straightforward.
  • The services are fully customizable, and thus can be adapted to meet any event scope.
  • Research networking features enrich the event environment and foster relationships between participants to the extent that they feel comfortable.

Contact events@frontiersin.org and discover all possibilities!