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The role of Dendritic Cells and Monocytes in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

  • 1 Griffith University, School of Medical Sciences, Australia
  • 2 Griffith University, Griffith Health Institute, Australia
  • 3 Queensland Health, Australia

Bidirectional communication between the adaptive and innate immune system is necessary for optimal immune function. Irregularities in innate immune cell function may affect cellular processes in the adaptive system and vice versa. In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) a dysfunctional immune system has been described and this is characterised by reduced cytotoxic function in Natural Killer (NK) cells and CD8+T cells, altered neutrophil respiratory burst and equivocal levels in cytokine secretion. Dendritic cells (DCs) and macrophages are innate immune cells with highly versatile functions as they have a role in the development and function of almost all immune cells. Hence, the objective of this study was to determine the role of monocytes and DCs in CFS/ME patients. 20 CFS/ME patients (age=51.8±1.74 years) and 30 controls (age= 53.19±1.35years) were recruited for the study. Inclusion into the CFS/ME group was based on the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC 1994) criteria for CFS/ME. 10mL of whole blood was collected from all participants. Samples were stained with a cocktail of monoclonal antibodies containing HLA.DR, CD123, CD33, CD16 and CD11c. Samples were analysed on the flow cytometer to determine the levels of total monocytes, total DCs, myeloid DCs and lymphoplasmacytoid DCs. ANOVA was the statistical analysis used to analyse all data collected. Compared to the other immune cells, monocytes were significantly elevated in the CFS/ME patients in comparison to the controls. These results suggest further highlight the role of impaired immune function in the pathogenesis of CFS/ME.

Keywords: Dendritic Cells, Monocytes, Macrophages, chronic fatigue syndrome, immune dysfunction

Conference: 15th International Congress of Immunology (ICI), Milan, Italy, 22 Aug - 27 Aug, 2013.

Presentation Type: Abstract

Topic: Innate immunity

Citation: Brenu EW, Huth TK, Hardcastle SL, Cosgrave LM, Staines DR and Marshall-Gradisnik SM (2013). The role of Dendritic Cells and Monocytes in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Front. Immunol. Conference Abstract: 15th International Congress of Immunology (ICI). doi: 10.3389/conf.fimmu.2013.02.01010

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Received: 30 Jun 2013; Published Online: 22 Aug 2013.

* Correspondence: Dr. Ekua W Brenu, Griffith University, School of Medical Sciences, Gold Coast, Queensland, 4222, Australia, e.brenu@griffith.edu.au